Cross Examination Video Summary

This video explains what Cross Examination is in the most simple terms possible.  The video depicts an “angel” that has been charged with Driving While Intoxicated in San Antonio, Texas.  She is asking a man at the bar to explain to her what cross examination is.  He does so by actually cross examining her.  The video tries to display the awkward interaction that cross examination invariably leads to due to the confrontational nature of the leading questions.

The Definition of Cross Examination (in a Nutshell)

Cross examination is the type of questioning an attorney uses when talking to an adverse witness during a case.  The questions are leading questions in that they LEAD the person to the answer.  For example:  Isn’t it true that you have been drinking? A Person would have to state either yes or no.  Contrast this to:  What, if anything, have you been drinking?  In a jury trial context, the attorney talking to a witness that is against him, will always ask the leading questions.  The idea is to make it impossible for this adverse witness NOT to cooperate.

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