As a patron of the United States, you have the privilege and the right of not being arbitrarily interfered with by government officers. That means a police officer cannot stop you while you are in your car or on your bike for no reason and then begin searching you and your clothing for drugs.  An officer must have a reason to stop you. If an officer does not have a reason to stop you, but does, and then searches your clothes and finds drugs, those drugs cannot be used against you. You were unlawfully searched. However, say instead of allowing the officer to search you, you take the drugs and throw them as the officer is approaching you to dispose of them. Those drugs you threw can be used as evidence against you in court. If the officer discovers those drugs, they cannot be suppressed because they were thrown into the public world. The officer did not have to search you to obtain them. Therefore, the drugs were obtained lawfully even though the officer had no reason to stop you in the first place.

Do not throw the drugs that you have in your possession because regardless if the officer unlawfully stopped you, those drugs are permitted to come into evidence.