Congratulations Cook & Cook Client! Another Innocent person got her case dismissed today!

We are so happy for our Cook & Cook Client who got her theft charges dismissed today, which were pending out of county court 2 dismissed today, before the honorable Judge Wolf.  In this case, the client was accused of stealing from JCPenny’s.  The client was an innocent woman who was punched in the face by the security guard of the store.  Attorney Megan Cook issued a subpoena to obtain the security guard training records, resume, and other pertinent information.  The security guard wholly ignored the issued subpoena.  Attorney Cook explained this to the Judge.  The State asked for more time to prepare for trial, and the Judge denied the request.  The State of Texas was left without any choice but to dismiss the case for the client.  Hooray.

Practice Tip to Get Your Theft Charges Dismissed

They call it the practice of law because attorneys are always just practicing the legal principles of any process.  Today, criminal defense Attorney Megan Cook learned that it is a GREAT idea to subpoena the Prosecutor’s complaining witness prior to the trial setting.   This will help the defense attorney to obtain relevant records from the witness, but will also, at a minimum, tell the defense attorney whether the State’s witness is going to cooperate with appearing at the trial in the first place.  If the witness will not cooperate, the attorney can do a better job of negotiating the case.