Our Military Divorce Package

Perhaps it is the time apart that can happen between spouses in the military, or the intensity of the job or maybe it is that the marriage itself was rushed into. Often military spouses needing a divorce express a sense of absolute alienation from the other spouse, and a great deal of loneliness in the marriage.  If you are a member of the military, in need of a divorce, know that you are not alone.

“Ever try moving 4,000 miles with three kids, a very pregnant wife and a large dog with only six weeks’ notice?” she asked. “That alone could make or break you as a couple. Now, try doing it a half a dozen times or more over the course of a marriage. You either learn to work together or you break apart trying.” A Quote of a Military Spouse from the Huffington Post.

Whatever the reason, if you have decided it is time to get a divorce, we at Cook & Cook can assist you through the process.  You are welcome to call our Office anytime.  We can be reached at (210) 271-2800.  You may also email a family lawyer directly using this address: megan@lawyerdefend.me

Military Divorce Discount

At Cook & Cook we do many simple uncontested divorces for military members.

If the following 4 factors apply to your case, then you are eligible for our military divorce discount.

1.  You or Your Spouse has resided in Bexar County, Texas for the last six months.  Or, you are in the military, stationed elsewhere, but your home city and state are Bexar County, Texas.

2.  You and your spouse want to be divorced and you agree on the terms of your divorce;

3.  You or your spouse are active duty military members.

Military Divorce Prices

Divorces without children: $1,000 (legal fee) + filing fees ($300) = $1,300 total;

Divorces with children:  $1,500 (legal fee) + filing fees ($350) = $1,850 total.

*Add $400 for custom custody schedules

*Add $225 for income withholding orders.

*Add $400 per piece of real property owned by either party.

*Add $650 for cases where military retirement benefits will be divided.

Our Divorce Package for Military Members Includes the Following:

  1.  A Texas Family Lawyer who cares about you and your case, and who can easily be reached;

  2.  Professional drafting of all necessary legal documents;

  3. A Lawyer to attend your trial date with you and finalize your divorce;

  4. A divorce that takes only 61 days (we offer the fastest time a person can legally be divorced in Texas)

Should you have any questions about our Military Divorce Package here in San Antonio, Texas, please freely call our office at (210) 271-2800.  Or email us at Megan@lawyerdefend.me.

For military divorce clients, that have an agreed divorce (meaning your spouse will sign papers), the entire divorce can be completed online, without any necessary appearances for your signatures.  We will work to have your final hearing waived as well.