Use this chart to compare the simple divorce package services to the contested divorce service. You will want the contested divorce service if your spouse has a lawyer, or if you are fighting with your spouse on any term of your divorce settlement. For example, if you are not agreeing with your spouse on your custody arrangement, on who should pay certain utility or credit card debts, or who should get what retirement account, then you need a contested divorce package. The purpose of this chart is to quickly enable you to compare the types of services available so that you can choose the one that most suits your legal needs.

The 2 Month Uncontested Divorce   (no kids) The 2 Month Uncontested Divorce With Kids The All Inclusive Divorce (Whatever You Need)
It is the fastest Texas Divorce permitted by law (61 days) X X
Individualized lawyer Service Without Hourly Rates X X
Jurisdiction Assessment to Ensure Court Acceptance X X X
No Need to Have Spouse Served by Process Server X X
Easy process of sending information electronically from home X X
Changes to your decree as needed, per our legal advice X X X
No need to drive to the office, but you are welcome to X X
Many typical divorces take 8 months, this one will take 2 months* X X
This divorce package is often 50% less costly than many  traditional retainer cases X X
Your spouse will not need to attend the final hearing X X
The protection of an enforceable divorce decree for your assets and kids X X X
All clients will have a lawyer with 100+ divorces worth of experience X X X
division of vehicles and vehicle loans, if needed X X X
division of credit card debt, if needed X X X
name change to maiden name, if wanted X X X
allocation of student loan debt, if applicable X X X
orders for who will pay utility bills X X X
Governmental filing fees included X X X
Divorce is filed and started within 1 business day X X
We schedule your court hearing, and attend court with you X X X
Child Support Orders X X
Order for No Child Support (if desired) X X
We schedule your court hearing, and attend court with you X X
Parenting Plan X X
Standard Custody Agreement X X
A lawyer can be hired for your spouse as a reviewing attorney only X X
A lawyer can oppose your case X
Temporary orders or restraining orders if wanted X
Custody disputes brought to court, if needed X
Asset and debt disputes brought to court, if needed X
Contested Bench or Jury Trials X
payment arrangement $950 down ($1,500 total) $950 (2,000 total) $3,500 down ($300 per hour)



Use This Form For the All Inclusive Divorce Package ($3,500 down)