The Cook & Cook Law Firm prides itself on providing cutting edge, convenient services to its clients.  We understand that your MTR or probation violation case is an absolute emergency.  You need to hire an Attorney as soon as possible to strategize the best way to keep you out of jail during a probation violation case.  We have provided the below form, for you to hire a Cook & Cook Attorney right online.

Our MTR (probation violation) Services Include:

  • A consultation with the client to determine the best steps to take today;
  • An assessment of whether the client can do an easy walk through, to process a warrant;
  • Up to four court hearings/appearances on behalf of the client;
  • Full case preparation for client and other witnesses;
  • any research needed to help client win;
  • Professional presentation of probation violation case to the Judge.

Our Prices

We know that is is a pain to figure out what lawyers charge for their probation violation cases, which is why we provide a simple flat rate right online.  If the following factors apply, you are eligible for our Probation Violation lawyer service. This package is a simple flat fee of $2,000 for misdemeanor MTR representation and $3,500 for felonies.

  • You violated your probation in Bexar County, Texas;
  • Your original case was a misdemeanor; (if you are on felony probation or parole, please call us for a quote (210) 271-2800)
  • Your violation was not that you committed a new crime (if you committed a crime while on probation please call us for a quote (210) 271-2800.
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