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Welcome to Cook & Cook!  We are so glad you are here. We can help you with your legal matter right away.

We have represented over 1,000 clients in Texas lawsuits! Yes, we have experience.  Our San Antonio based Lawyers and legal staff offer true hospitality. We conduct legal services for San Antonio criminal defense trials and appeals in cities throughout Texas. We also do agreed divorce proceedings, with a special streamlined process.  Finally, we have a department devoted solely to intellectual property.  You are welcome to call us at any time at (210) 271-2800. At Cook & Cook, San Antonio discovers excellent customer care, and outstanding legal service. Our boutique San Antonio Law Firm offers several unique advantages.

8 Quick Reasons To Choose Our Firm (We Humbly Hope You Agree!)

  • We Accept Payments Online, and are Transparent with Pricing (Why are lawyers so secretive about prices?).
  • We Are Technologically Up to Date, Which Makes Us More Efficient for You and Your Wallet!
  • We are Good for Our Word (If We Tell You it Costs $2,000—that is the Actual Cost).
  • We Don’t Make You Come Downtown to Meet With Us—If You Prefer, You Can Give us a Call Instead (210) 271-2800.
  • We Don’t Pass the Buck Onto You With Overly Fancy Office Stuff—(Trust me, you’re paying for your lawyer’s fancy desk)
  • We are a Boutique Firm which means we are convenient to reach on the phone.

1. Lawyers You Can Reach

First, the Cook & Cook Law Firm comes with a guarantee of accessible, cutting edge, Attorneys. After you have hired your lawyer, you will be able to reach him or her quickly, and on a regular basis. Our San Antonio Criminal defense, patent and divorce lawyers understand that your lawsuit is an emergency, and Cook & Cook will treat it accordingly.

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2. Competitive Pricing, Great Payment Plans

If a concern of yours is cost, we understand. Cook & Cook offers clear payment structure so that clients know exactly what their lawsuit costs, and exactly what their San Antonio  Lawyer is doing on the case. We offer payment plans to meet your needs at 0% interest.  If you would like a price quote for your case, call a Cook & Cook Lawyer at (210) 271-2800, or set up a meeting with us on Skype or FaceTime.

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3. Cutting Edge Resources to Help Your Case

A great benefit to hiring our Law Firm is that it comes with so many tools that will be used for your case. We use LexisNexis Research, which provides literally all Texas cases. We can use this law to keep our legal arguments on your behalf as up to date as possible. This can certainly work to your case’s advantage. We also use visual aid projection equipment for presentations on your behalf. If your case needs visual aids, our Firm offers state of the art equipment and resources to provide full color animated presentations. Our lawyers are truly innovative when it comes to case strategy.

4. Trial Lawyers

At Cook & Cook, you will find outstanding trial lawyers. It is best to hire a lawyer that knows how to take your case all the way through trial. You want your options for your case to be as open as possible, so that if negotiations fall through, you can still depend on your lawyer to do an outstanding job for you.

Who Do We Work For?

  • We represent uncontested divorce clients in Austin and San Antonio;
  • We represent criminal defendants in Bexar County, Texas for State misdemeanors, and felonies at the trial and appellate levels;

If You’d Like, Learn More About Us and Our Simple Divorce…

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Reach Megan at Megan@lawyerdefend.me