Here is the Video Guide on What to Do if You Find Out that You Have a Warrant For Your Arrest in Bexar County, Texas

Below is the Guide on How to Try to Figure Out Whether You Have a Warrant for Free.  Below is also a $35 Warrant Checking Service that our lawyers do here at Cook & Cook Law Firm.

Order the Comprehensive Bexar County Warrant Check Service

Using the form below, a criminal defense lawyer of the Cook & Cook Law Firm, PLLC will check on whether you or a loved one have an active warrant for a ticket, a misdemeanor or a felony. This warrant check is limited to Bexar County only. The cost of the warrant check is $35.

You have just seen the San Antonio police department knocking on your door. In a panic, you start trying to figure out whether you have a warrant out for your arrest.  This article is about how you can effectively find out the status of any Bexar County Texas warrants that may be issued against you for criminal charges ranging from Class B misdemeanors all the way to 1st Degree felonies.

Do I Have a Warrant in San Antonio?

Go to the Bexar County Federated Search.  There you will see the following three steps to take to see any cases pending against you.  First you will see this window, where you will click “agree.”

Do I have a Warrant in San Antonio

Once you follow these steps, you will be able to see cases pending under  your name in Bexar County.  If you have a pending misdemeanor charge, then you can assume that you have an active warrant (if you were not yet arrested for that offense).  If you are accused of a felony, the charge will not show up on the Bexar County Federated Search listed above, and you will not be able to know if you have a warrant.

On Municipal Warrants in Bexar County, If You Missed Your Ticket Court Date

Please note, that this article is not about figuring out whether you have a warrant for your arrest for any municipal tickets.  If you had a setting to appear for a traffic ticket or Class C misdemeanor, and you failed to appear, then in all likelihood, you have a warrant out for your arrest.  But, for small offenses, you can hire a lawyer to get the warrant lifted even without needing to appear in person.

There is not an available free method for checking if you have a municipal warrant for your arrest in Bexar County.  We have a premium paid option for checking on this below.

If You Have a Warrant, Our Lawyer Can Post Your Bail.

Justin D. Cook of the Cook & Cook Law Firm is a Bondsmen in San Antonio.  He can assist you with any one of the following to help quickly get your warrant situation taken care of:

  1.  Justin can approach the Court and ask for a bond to be set on your behalf;
  2. Can set you up with a satellite bond so that you can avoid going to jail despite your active warrant (will save many hours of wasted waiting time in the jail);
  3. Can post your bail and bond you out of the Bexar County Jail.
  4. Can represent you, and work diligently to ensure your ultimate outcome is not jail or prison if and when possible.

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