The Cook & Cook Uncontested Divorce Package

(Best Selling Service at Our Firm)

The 2 Month Simple Divorce   (no kids) The 2 Month Simple Divorce (With Kids)
It is the fastest Texas Divorce permitted by law (61 days) (*timeframe depends on your county of residence) X X
Individualized Lawyer Service Without Hourly Rates X X
Jurisdiction Assessment to Ensure Court Acceptance X X
No Need to Have Spouse Served by Process Server X X
Easy process of sending information electronically from home X X
Changes to your decree as needed, per our legal advice X X
No need to drive to the office, but you are welcome to X X
Typical divorces take 8 months, this one will take 2 months* X X
This divorce package is 50% less costly than a traditional retainer case X X
Your spouse will not need to attend the final hearing X X
The protection of an enforceable divorce decree for your assets and kids X X
All clients will have a lawyer with 100+ divorces worth of experience X X
division of vehicles and vehicle loans, if needed X X
division of credit card debt, if needed X X
name change to maiden name, if wanted X X
allocation of student loan debt, if applicable X X
orders for who will pay utility bills X X
Governmental filing fees included X X
Divorce is filed and started within 1 business day X X
We schedule your court hearing, and attend court with you X X
Child Support Orders X
Order for No Child Support (if desired) X
We schedule your court hearing, and attend court with you  X X
Parenting Plan X
Standard Custody Agreement X
payment arrangement $950 down, $1,495 total. $950 down, $1,995 total.


Added Optional Divorce Services Available With Clear Prices

If you have a more complex estate, or some additional needs for your divorce, we offer several optional services.  If after you hire us, we analyze your case and determine you need any of these, we will give you the option to hire us for them, or of course if you do not want the additional services, you can still get divorced without them!
Services Available For Added Charge
alimony provision ($300) X
Military retirement divisions ($600) X
401K retirement divisions ($600) X
pension retirement divisions ($600) X
Deed to transfer property title ($330) X
Real estate provisions  ($300 per property after first property, since first property is included) X
Case finalization Without Coming to Court ($400)* (if eligible) X
Employer withholding of child support ($315) X
tiered custody agreement ($400 per tier) X


Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you are getting all of the things you need to ensure that the divorce is done properly, and quickly.  As you will see, everything you need to get your divorce done right, is included in our packages with transparent prices.  You will also see the items that require additional charges, and will be able to elect to hire us for those options if you wish to.