Cost of Divorce in Austin

Google Paid Ads Are Not the Real Cost of Divorce in Austin, Texas

The side ads that pop-up on Google when you search “Cost of Austin Texas Divorce” or some variation thereof are misleading.  Here is a picture to show you what I am referring to:

cost of divorce in travis county

These “$149” divorce forms will enable you to get forms, but forms are only one piece of the process required by texas law

The challenging aspect of uncontested divorce is not acquiring forms, but rather properly and enforceably, dividing your life from your spouse.  Form companies just provide you with filled in templates.  They do not provide the necessary analysis or offer to correctly draft the documents that you need for your particular situation.

The Two Most Common Types of Divorce in Austin:

1.  Uncontested: Where you and your spouse AGREE on how to divide everything in your divorce.  “Uncontested divorce”, “simple divorce”, “agreed divorce”, and even “cheap divorce”– these terms are used interchangeably all over the internet.  And, in fact you can have quite a large estate and still have an uncontested divorce.  The defining factor is that both spouses will readily agree to how to divide things and once the agreements are in writing, the spouses will readily agree to sign the papers.

2. Contested: Where you and your spouse disagree about how to divide something in your divorce.  This will mean that both spouses should hire a lawyer on a retainer, and will likely need to attend court for at least one contested hearing.

Most people believe their case is contested, and then eventually, they reach the same agreement they could have come to, without paying the lawyers thousands of dollars first.

By the far (by thousands in fact), the best, least expensive way to get divorced is to agree with your spouse about the terms of the divorce.  If you and your spouse can agree on how to handle custody of the kids, child support, how to divide the house, the cars, any accounts, and all debt– then you have an agreed divorce (also called an uncontested divorce)

What Do We Do at Cook & Cook For Our Clients?

simple divorce in austin

Our Austin Location: 2802 Flintrock Trace #275, Austin, TX 78738 (meetings by appointment only please)

File With Cook & Cook Here

Prices at Cook & Cook For Uncontested Divorces: $1895 Total Without Kids |  $2395 Total With Kids

Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • You and your spouse agree to all the terms of your divorce and will both sign the divorce forms; (check to see if you have an agreement here)
  • You or your spouse has lived in Travis County for the last 6 months
  • Retirement not allocated between spouses (spouses are to keep their own retirement)
  • Not more than 1 piece of real property
  • Your spouse does not have a lawyer of record.  (Your spouse can have a reviewing lawyer, but not a lawyer that opposes the case).

Why Not Hire a Cheaper Divorce Lawyer, Like One From Craigslist? Because Not all Uncontested Divorces Are Created Equal:

Cook & Cook Many Other Places
We File the divorce within 1 business day of contract receipt Yes ?
Divorce done in 61 days* Yes ?
Law Firm Devoted to Agreements For Divorce Yes ?
File delivered in .doc Format to Client, to Use if Case is Not Agreed Yes ?
If You Cannot Attend Court For Accepted Reason, We Will Motion Court To Waive Hearing** Yes ?
Weekly Case Updates Yes ?
Draftsmen Attorney and Reviewing Attorney for Each Case* Yes ?
More than 10, Verified 5 Star Reviews on Google Yes ?
Prices Listed on Website for Your Convenience Yes ?
Up to 7 Hours of Client Support, at no added charge* Yes ?

*Timeline requires full cooperation from both spouses, and does not apply to default divorce cases, where a spouse is missing.

**If case is extremely simple estate, a reviewing attorney will not be used, and only a drafting attorney will handle case.

**This 7 hours can include phone time to explain divorce law, or back and forth to revise your decree as you need, or just plainly explaining the divorce process to you.  You would be surprised how much support you might want, as you go through your divorce, and we are here to help.



Having Cook & Cook for you uncontested divorce lawyer will save you tons of time, and ensure you are protected in the future from your spouse trying to get future earnings, or make you pay debts that you did not agree to.

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