Let me guess. You are super busy. You don’t want to waste precious time off finding a lawyer’s office. But, you really do need to get divorced. So, you are Googling around, looking to see if it just might be possible to get a divorce from home, online. The answer is, “almost”. At our Firm, you can get almost your entire divorce done at home, but, you do have to make one court appearance at the very end of the case. We call it a simple divorce, because it is pretty darn simple. First, you have to make sure you have a simple divorce.  If you do, then, we simply send you a payment link and a request for some easy information.  We write and file your petition and then with some additional info, we write your decree.  In 61 days you have to leave the house and come meet us at court.  There, we will get your divorce ordered.

So, can you get divorced online?  Not entirely, but you can file for divorce, and get all the paperwork done with your lawyer virtually.  If this sounds like the sort of process you need, you can sign up, here.

Some History About the Cook & Cook Law Firm Online Divorce Process
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