Agreed Divorce, Do You Have One?

One of the best ways to minimize the cost of divorce is to agree on the terms.  And, while some lawyers have begged to differ with me, I find that agreed divorce is not only possible, but is common.  You would not believe the number of people who call my firm wanting an immediate divorce in Bexar County.  And, when I tell them that the fastest way to get divorced is to agree on the terms of divorce, the soon-to-part husband and wife come together like butter and bread. 🙂

Do We Have an Agreed Divorce (Also Called Uncontested Divorce)?

At the outset, it might seem obvious whether you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce.  You may think that you do agree.  After all, you are not currently fighting about anything, and you both certainly want to be divorced.  But, the question is more involved than that.  Do you agree on the terms of your San Antonio divorce?  Namely, do you agree on the following:

  1. How to divide all of the household items, furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics;
  2. How to divide the cars;
  3. How to divide the retirement accounts;
  4. How to divide the tax return;
  5. How to divide the family business;
  6. How to divide the home;
  7. How to divide the every single bank account;
  8. How to divide insurance policies;
  9. How to divide real property assets;
  10. How to divide student loans;
  11. How to divide every bit of credit card debt;
  12. How to divide vehicle loans;
  13. How to  share the children;
  14. How to pay for the children.

Agreed Divorce is Best Because it Saves Money

If you do agree on all of the above, then it is likely that you have an agreed divorce.  This is great news because it is going to save you thousands of dollars in attorneys fees.  Why is that?  If you are not agreeing on your divorce, then you are paying an attorney by the hour to do one of two things; Either the attorney is trying to get you and your spouse to agree, otherwise called “settling” a case, or your attorney is preparing for motions, hearings and trial on your behalf, an even more time consuming venture than settling.  Thus, one of the best ways to save yourself money is to agree with your soon to be ex before calling the lawyer.  If you do find that you agree on the terms of divorce, you should call me (Megan Cook) at (210) 271-2800.  You can see our agreed divorce prices here.  And, you can file for divorce with us, right now, here.

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