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We are lawyers who will hit the ground running for you.

Attorney Justin Cook is focused on: 1.) fighting your domestic violence charges, and 2.) litigating divorce situations.  The two both involve handling families in crisis, and he is experienced in assisting you through these dire circumstances.

Attorney Megan Cook is focused on making the stressful situation of divorce, less stressful.  Megan is prepared to help you through every technical aspect of your estate division and custody plan.

Cook & Cook employs 5 amazing people to help run the practice smoothly and each person  will serve you like you are family, because you are.

The Firm uses the best of today’s technology to make your case experience as smooth and helpful as it should be.

We offer free telephonic consultations.  (210) 271-2800.

In person consultations are $150.00 per 30 minutes.

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For 22 years combined, Cook & Cook Law Firm has been guiding and defending your local families.


Our philosophy with divorce is always the same.  We serve YOU. We are here to guide you through all of the choices that come with deciding on getting divorced, and to let you know the pros and cons of each choice.   We hope our reviews show that we can be your trusted advisors through this transition in your life.

-Megan Cook 


Seldom ever is the officer that arrests the man or woman actually present to witness what took place.  Drinking is sometimes involved, and the information given to police is often totally wrong.  Still, a man or woman can be placed in the serious position of having to defend against charges that will permanently harm one’s record.  Allow us to help.

-Justin Cook 

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